Juices are very healthy and tasty drinks. There are many different varieties of juices. The best juice for your body is fresh juice. Most of the juices in super markets are not fresh and contain preservatives. Best way to consume fresh juice is by preparing one yourself. There are two common ways to extract juice from the fruit or vegetables: a centrifugal juicer and a cold press juice.  Among these two types of juices, a cold press juices are far better than a centrifuge juicer. A cold press juicer uses two techniques to extract juice while on the other hand centrifugal juicer uses only one technique to extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable. A centrifugal juicer uses a high speed blade that shred the fruit and vegetables and extract their juice while a cold press juicer first lightly shred the vegetables or fruit by a slow spinning blade and then by applying hydraulic pressure extract the juice. As a centrifugal juicers, used high spinning blade it crates heat that destroys most of the enzymes, minerals and vitamins. On the other hand commercial cold press juicer does not produce any heat, and can extract far more juice than centrifugal juice because of hydraulic press. These cold pressed juices are very fresh and nutritious. These juices will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as they will overcome the deficiency of fruits and vegetables in our body. These are the reasons why they are preffered. Today we will discuss few of the recipes to prepare a fresh cold pressed juice.

Healthy Green:

It’s a most popular recipe for cold pressed juice.This is a healthy green drink with a touch of sweetness of apples. For this recipe, you will be needing kale, cucumber, green apple, celery, lemon and ginger. Now cut kale, celery, cucumber in medium sized pieces, deseed the apples, and cut them in quarters, use lemon juice, and a small piece of skinless ginger.

Now mix them in a bowl and then transfer a small batch at a time in the cold press juicer container. Let the cold press juicer perform his task; once all the juice is extracted serve them immediately of can even save them for future.

Classic Beet:

Beet juice is great for blood that is why its athletes favourite. For this recipe you will need, skinless and roughly cutted oranges, red beet skinless and quartered and cutted kale and cucumber.

Put all of them in the juicer bowl, a small batch a time. Once you have received all the extracted juice, you must mix it well than it’s good to drink.

Spicy Watermelon:

An awesome summer drink with a kick, a great addition to a juice cleanse program. Mine personally favourite.

For this juice you will be needing watermelon in small pieces, red beet skinless and cutted, lime juice, mint leaves, deseeded and quartered green apple and a deseeded jalapeno. Now put all of them in the juicer bowl and let him do the rest.

There you go, these are some healthy and delicious recipes for cold pressed juices.

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