One of the most efficient and useful tools that a commercial kitchen can employ for its processes to increase its productivity is a commercial food processor. They are a relatively new invention which before gaining popularity in the USA and the rest of the world was initially being used in some commercial kitchens of Sweden in the 1940s. Choosing the right food processor is important if you want optimum performance for many years. There are some known manufacturers with which you know you can never go wrong whichever product you select. Here are those selected commercial food processor brands in which you can place your complete trust:

Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe is one of the first companies to bring commercial food processor to the market. The food processors they produce are all continuous feed models and do not include a processing bowl in the package. The advantage of continuous feed chute is that you will never be short of the capacity. You can process as much food as you want with the processed food being expelled into a separate container. The models include one or two speed options and motors as strong as 3 horsepower in order to work with thick or hard ingredients. With over 50 cutting discs, you can get just any type of cut you want for your ingredients.



Waring is also one of the most trusted sources that have been producing kitchens tools for over 75 years. The processing bowls are made with polycarbonate material instead of the stronger stainless steel so that it allows you to monitor the food being processed inside. The lid will include the patent LiquiLock system so that you can fill the bowl to maximum capacity without worrying of any leakages.


Hobart has been producing tools for commercial kitchens for over a hundred years now. After launching its first commercial food processor in 1989, it has been making bowl-type, continuous feed and combination models. The bowl type models include a see-through cover on the bowl which allows the user to monitor the food being processed. The processing time is reduced with its patented CoolCutter system which pushes the ingredients in the path of 2 cutting knives.

When pay careful attention to what you are selecting and choose the right brand, you can rest assured that you have selected the right workhorse for your kitchen which will increase its productivity by many times.

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